Model Release Information

So you want to work with me as a model to make content? This journal is designed to give you a run down on how the legalities work.

  • You MUST be 18 years or older:
    • You will need to provide ID for verification purposes.
    • We will take a photo copy of your legal state ID.
    • We will take a face photo of you holding your ID up to your face.
    • Note: These will only be released to companies that will be reselling/sharing the content on the internet.
  • Identity and Anonymity: You have the option to choose your stage name and to attempt to hide your identity.
    • That means you can choose what name you go under, if any.
    • Whether or not your face is shown on post edited released content.
      • Understand certain body features are recognizable such as tattoos or scars. We will not publish information you don’t want released but someone may still recognize you by your other attributes. If we are questioned about your identity that information will not be released without court order.
    • You may also choose to wear a mask. You will need to provide your own mask.
    • Note: Hackers hack. We will not knowingly release such information however, technology is not perfect. If government sites can be hacked so can ours. This means we ask you have common sense and understand anything is possible, but we will do our very best to ensure the worst never happens.
  • This is NOT a paying position:
    • By participating in this you understand you will not be compensated for your time, images, or video content. The content may be used for profit however, you will not be compensated at any time now or in the future.
  • The Script you will read before production on video as part of your release:
    • I, (INSERT FULL LEGAL NAME), understand that I am participating in what is model/actor work of an adult and sexual nature. I choose to have my face (SHOWN/HIDDEN). I know I can wear a mask and choose (NOT TO/TO PROVIDE ONE OF MY OWN TO WEAR). I know I can have my face hidden in post-production released content and choose to (NOT TO/SHOW MY FACE). I understand my chosen stage name will be released but none of my personal information without court order other than to sites that will be showing or releasing said content. I understand I need to provide my legal state identification for verification purposes. I understand I may still be recognized and identified from this work. That it is a possibility to identified and connected to the content. Finally I will be provided copies of the post-production edited content. I am welcome to enjoy this content personally but cannot release it for profit. Nor can I release anything without consent from all actors involved. I will provide a copy of the content I intend to share for free, so all actors can agree on what’s being shared and here. I understand I can stop filming at any time should I feel uncomfortable. I will utilize the established safe word given before filming. My name is (INSERT LEGAL NAME) and I agree to these terms.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Note all questions should be sent in a separate message or in the comments below. Please do not add them to previous emails as I will look for Subject lines such as “Model Release Question”.


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