Domperidone Diaries 7/4/18

Today I received my Doperidone! I am so excited! Lately my depression has been creeping up and I have been less than motivated to pump. This reinspired me. I currently have been taking Fenugreek (3), Blessed Thistle (3), Goats Rue (3), Fennel (2), and Brewers Yeast (2). I try to follow this supplement intake 3 timesĀ  a day. The last two days I haven’t really pumped, but I haven’t lost my milk. I was a little over zealous and so used to taking multiple pills of everything I popped out two tabs to start with. This was a mistake. I kinda got dizzy, slight headache, and experienced dry mouth rather quickly. I will be following the instructions found on the Inducing Lactation Group on FetLife (Here). Essentially increasing by one pill per day till my desired milk supply or max supply comes. I will post again soon with more updates as I have them.

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